About – Universities

Education is such a large part of our lives and I always wanted to give back in some way. I knew I wasn’t cut out to be teacher; I didn’t have the temperament or the patience honestly. There are many ways of contributing to the whole institution of education – I just went down the route of being a university representative.

It all started because there were so many fellow schoolmates who were confused on where to go and not much information was given out. Many selected their universities based on friendships and I think that’s what started me down this career because I saw them unhappy later in life with their decision. There’s so much that goes into making the decision for the university you would be going to. Firstly, you’re young with no idea on how to make the decision and there is too much emphasis placed on being admitted into one of the top ten universities. While it is great to be a part of the top ten universities, it is not the be all and end all. In fact, many times it is not the best decision.

What I do is travel to different locations and sell the idea of the university I represent. I don’t, however, sell false hopes or sell false advertising about the university. I have kids of my own and I hope that they meet people along the way who will also give them the proper advice on what to do and how to go about things.

Although the campus and the facilities are top notch, they by no means have unlimited or big budget of funds for developing and undertaking complicated research projects. We have built quite a name for ourselves and I am very proud that we have contributed significantly to the science community.

What I am even more proud of is that some of those discoveries were made by students who had no idea that their passion lay in the sciences or in technology and other fields, until I sat down with them and explained what we could offer and to see whether it suited their personalities, ambition and future career ideas.

There are many eager students who want to study abroad for the sake of living in a new country. That does have its own charm, but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor if the university you settle for is subpar and doesn’t offer or provide the facilities you would need to get ahead in life.

Apart from representing the university and advising potential students, I think I’m really lucky as I get to travel to different locations. You never know where you may find your calling. Not everything has to be based with science, engineering or technology. There are their fields which make the world go round and I’m glad that I play a role in doing my bit of influencing the future. Who knows, someday I could be advising the next Stephen Hawking on the university he or she would prefer to be enrolled in.